Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation Receives Grant from DuPont Pioneer

Austin, Texas. December 15, 2017 – The Keith Bolsen Silage Safety Foundation is pleased to announce DuPont Pioneer donated $5,000 toward the production of educational materials for the purpose of preventing serious injuries and fatalities in silage programs. This Gold Star donation is part of the DuPont Pioneer sponsorship program. “Silage related tragedies have no age boundary. Family members, employees, and bystanders of all ages have been injured or killed during harvest and feed-out. We have nothing to lose by practicing safety; but we have everything to lose by not practicing it,” Bolsen said. The KEITH BOLSEN SILAGE SAFETY FOUNDATION is a nonprofit corporation dedicated to promoting safe silage management practices for bunker silos and silage piles, as well as providing educational resources and materials for the global silage industry.…
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